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Marion Communities Parks & Recreation

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There are three main organizations that work for the betterment of the Marion Community, each serving an interconnected yet unique role. These include the Recreation Committee, the Marion Park Board and the Marion Community Development Organization (MCDO). Descriptions of each can be found below. Contributions to, and membership and participation in all three organizations is strongly encouraged.


The Recreation Committee has been actively supporting Marion youth programs and local parks since the mid 90’s. It is facilitated by the MCDO. Their goal is to help sustain active programs and the development of all parks in the Marion community. Each year the Recreation Committee distributes approximately $10,000 to the various parks and youth activities in the Marion Community. Their primary fundraiser is the 301 Club.

301 Club

Annual membership in the club is $50.00. Members are enrolled in a monthly drawing and invited to an annual appreciation party. Winners of the monthly drawing are printed in the MCDO minutes.

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Nick Boeckman, President 937-638-8579
Kirk Stucke 419-733-6261
Mitch Thobe 419-305-9951
Matt Homan 419-953-2063
BJ Wolters 419-305-6014
Luke Bertke 419-953-6114
Kyle Moeller 614-557-3820
Nick Boeckman 937-638-8579
Wes Everman 419-234-2747


The Marion Park Board is a 501C3 non-profit organization which oversees the maintenance and development of the Marion Township Park. The board conducts fundraisers such as an annual membership campaign (250 Club), Alumni Softball Tournament, Steiner Stock and the 5K run at the Country Fest.

250 Club

The annual membership fee for the year is $30.00, which includes an annual drawing and a fall soup party in the park. The board appreciates your support!

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Lee Heitkamp, President 419-305-8238
Jeff Wolters, Treasurer 419-953-6863
Renee Hartings, Secretary/Concession Stand 419-305-5530
Ryan Stucke, Rentals 419-852-5088
Nick "Shaggy" Pavelka, Social Media/Email Coordinator 419-852-3858
Eric Schroeder 419-296-8570
Kara Ahrens 419-733-7774
Jesse Rose 419-305-6695


MCDO is a 501C3 non-profit which was established in the early 1990’s to further the overall development of the Marion Community. The mission of the organization shall be to act as a coordinating body to assist local organizations meet the changing needs of the Marion Community through planned development while maintaining its agricultural profile. The activities will be directed toward, but not limited to, development of infrastructure, housing, family care, education, small business, recreation and agriculture. Membership in the MCDO is $15.00 for a family and $60.00 for a business.

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