Osgood, Ohio


St. Nicholas Catholic Church
 St. Nicholas Church

Osgood is situated in northern Darke County and is in the Marion Local School District. State Routes 705 and 716 intersect the town.

Osgood was named after Captain Osgood, its first settler. In 1881, Anne Brewer transferred seventy acres of land to Osgood. Three years later, on August 6, 1883, the town was incorporated. Around the same time the Cincinnati-Hamilton and Dayton Railroad was built through the town, where the present day State Route 716 is located. The town was developed as a railroad depot. The depot and a water tower were completed in 1891.

The railroad was the major reason for growth of the town. Early businesses began to flourish. Among them were a grain elevator, barber shop, general store, hardware store, blackmith shop, saloon, electrician shop, shoemaker, livery stable, contractor, ditcher, grocer, sawmill, scrap yard, tile yard, piano store, bank, livestock yard and a hotel. The early settlers were mainly of German and French decent. Many of the early settlers were farmers.

The town was served by several churches; The St. Nicholas Catholic Church, The Church of God and The Osgood Christian Church. A town hall was used for a jail, a fire house, meetings, dances and medicine shows.

Marion Local Schools
St. Nicholas Church
Osgood Park

Osgood Town Council
P.O. Box 177
Osgood, Ohio 45351-0177

The Osgood town council meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Osgood town office located in the Osgood Fire Department building.

Osgood Fire Department (Town Council Meetings)
125 West Main Street (State Route 705)
Osgood, OH 45351

 Steve Winner, Mayor


 Kathleen Langenkamp, Clerk  419-582-2087
 Dave Brunswick, Member  419-582-2905
 Ron Brunswick, Member  419-582-2434
 Rob Kemper, Member  419-582-5013
 Steve Kramer, Member


 Ron Lange, Member  419-582-5000
 Connie Winner, Member  419-582-3855


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